Poverty in Uganda has led to inadequate and unbalanced diets in Ugandan homes leading to persisting nutritional problems, which undermines the health, growth and development of the children. This elevated during the COVID 19 lockdown affecting the general public but hitting some harder such as the disabled people. At Miles of Smiles, we designed a COVID relief package which involved Maize floor, Rice, Beans, G. nuts, Cooking Oil and soap for families with children, adolescents and young people infected with HIV prioritizing the double-challenged ones that are disabled and living with HIV at the same time.


We also supported young people with bikes to deliver Antiretroviral drugs to children, adolescents and young people living with HIV since accessing the health facilities was hard due to the movement restrictions that had been set up.


Besides the COVID 19 relief support, we also hold sessions on nutrition during health talks at the health facilities for people to understand what a balanced diet is, why it is important and how to ensure that food is stored and prepared safely.